pictures of Highlands, NC

Highlands is one of the best getaways in the Southeast United States, and I highly recommend visiting it as part of a Blue Ridge Mountains road trip. So here are some of my favorite pictures of Highlands, NC, to inspire your travel plans!

The Ultimate Highlands Travel Guide

This charming mountain town has accommodation options for every budget and preference. So whether you want an incredible vacation home or a stunning hotel, I’ve got the perfect option for you.

My top recommendations for Highlands are to drive the Cullasaja River Gorge along the Waterfall Byway, do a wine tasting at the Highlands Wine Shoppe, shop on Main Street, hike Whiteside Mountain, and hike to at least one of these waterfalls: Glen Falls, Whitewater Falls, Rainbow Falls.

Here are my top pictures of Highlands, NC to inspire your next getaway!
pictures of Highlands, NC
pictures of Highlands, NC
pictures of Highlands, NC
pictures of Highlands, NC
pictures of Highlands, NC
pictures of Highlands, NC
pictures of Highlands, NC
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For Planning The Rest Of Your Southeast U.S. Trip
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where should I vacation in the Southeast US?

    If you want large cities, I recommend Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, or Charleston. For national parks, head to The Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah, or New River Gorge. If you want beaches, then I suggest the Florida Keys, Destin, or The Outer Banks. For food and culture, taste your way across the Monticello Wine Trail, drive the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and visit St. Simons Island.

  • What is the best Southern state to visit?

    Every state in the Southeast USA has incredible cities, national and state parks, and scenic drives. Florida is the most-visited state in the Southeast USA for beaches and amusement parks. Tennessee and North Carolina are the most-visited states for hiking and outdoor adventures.

    No matter what kind of trip you want to have, you can find the perfect destination in the Southeast USA!

  • Where should I travel in the South?

    Epic places to visit in the Southeast USA:

    1. The Great Smoky Mountains

    2. Miami

    3. New Orleans

    4. Savannah

    5. Charleston

    6. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

    7. Dry Tortugas National Park

    8. The Monticello Wine Trail

    9. The Outer Banks

    10. The Florida Keys

  • Where should I go for a 3 day vacation?

    The best weekend getaways in the Southeast USA are:

    1. Georgia’s Golden Isles

    2. The Great Smoky Mountains

    3. Charleston, South Carolina

    4. Miami, Florida

    5. The Florida Keys

    6. New Orleans, Louisiana

    7. Destin, Florida

    8. Chattanooga, Tennessee

    9. Savannah, Georgia

    10. Highlands, North Carolina

  • Is a 3 day vacation worth it?

    Yes, getting away for a short trip is worth it! Short getaway vacations are good for your mental health and allow you to travel on a budget. It can be rewarding and exciting to explore destinations close to home for a couple of days. You could even have a staycation in your hometown if you want a break from work without having to pack a suitcase.

    Destinations in the Southeast USA that can be explored in a couple of days are:

    1. Savannah, Georgia

    2. Georgia’s Golden Isles

    3. The Great Smoky Mountains

    4. Nashville, Tennessee

    5. Asheville, North Carolina

    6. New Orleans, Louisiana

  • What are some good girl trips?

    The best girlfriend getaways in the Southeast USA are:

    1. Charleston, South Carolina

    2. Nashville, Tennessee

    3. Miami, Florida

    4. New Orleans, Louisiana

    5. Savannah, Georgia

  • Where can I go on a road trip in the South?

    The best road trips and scenic drives in the Southeast USA are:

    1. Kentucky Bourbon Trail

    2. Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina

    3. Highway 276 through Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina

    4. Ozark National Forest on the Pig Trail Scenic Byway

    5. Seaside Loop in Florida

    6. The Overseas Highway through the Florida Keys

  • What are cheap vacation ideas?

    Ways to travel the Southeast USA on a budget are:

    1. Tour your own city on a staycation

    2. Camp

    3. Go to off-the-beaten-path destinations

    4. Visit less popular beaches

    5. Stay with friends or family

    6. Book hotels with travel reward points

    7. Travel during the off-season

    8. Take a weekday trip


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