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One size bag doesn’t fit all trips. I wish I could just use one or two bags over and over everywhere I go, but that’s just not possible. You need the right kind of bag to enjoy a trip. So I’ve curated my top picks for the staple suitcases, bags, and accessory you need for your travels!

Luggage, Bags & Tags
Carry-On luggage bags

My Carry-On

Day pack bag

My Day Pack

Weekend Duffel bag

Weekend Duffel

Luggage bags tag

Protect Your Privacy With This Electronic Luggage Tag

Personal Item luggage bags

My Personal Item

Tote bag

My Favorite Tote

Trekking and Hiking Luggage bags

For Trekking & Camping

Laptop Backpack luggage bags

Laptop Backpack

Checked luggage bags

My Checked Bag

Travel purse

My Travel Purse

Overnight Bag Luggage bags

Overnight Bag

Hike with your camera gear luggage bags

Hike With All Your Photography Gear