Switzerland travel guide

Switzerland is the most expensive country to visit in the world. But it’s also one of the most beautiful countries to visit! So I don’t want the cost of visiting Switzerland to keep you from exploring this wonderful country.

Here are ways to travel Switzerland on a budget!
Zurich, Switzerland

Don’t stay in Zurich or Geneva

Zurich (pictured above) and Geneva are two of the most expensive cities in the world, which means accommodation prices here are some of the most expensive in the world. So visit these cities as day trips instead of staying in them overnight.


Use travel points for your hotels

I always save my travel reward points for when I visit more expensive destinations. Using my points to pay for my accommodation in these more high-priced countries means I can lower my overall budget for the trip. Or, I can keep my original budget and spend more money on experiences, food, and other things I want to do.

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Buy Train Tickets in Advance

Switzerland travel guide

The SBB (the Swiss Federal Railways) is famous for its cleanliness and promptness. But it’s not known for its low prices. So, if you’re going to travel by train in Switzerland, buy your tickets as far in advance as you can to save money. The SBB mobile app is an easy way to purchase, save, and organize your train tickets.


Buy food from a grocery store

Eating out is expensive in Switzerland. So for some of your meals, shop at a grocery store and have a picnic. Or cook back at your accommodation. This is one of the Best Ways To Save Money While Traveling!

Travel Switzerland On A Budget

Eat Out For Lunch

Eating Switzerland on a budget

If you are going to eat out, eat out for lunch instead of dinner. Lunch menus (for food and drink) are cheaper than dinner menus.

Travel Switzerland on a Budget

Free Outdoor Activities

Switzerland is famous for its extreme outdoor sports – paragliding, skiing, skydiving, etc. But all of these activities are very expensive. So go hiking instead! Unless you’re going on a trek that requires specialized equipment and a guide, hiking should cost you nothing. Plus, walking in the Alps is the most iconic Swiss activity you can do!

If you’re worried about hiking alone, then join a hiking meetup.


Eat less meat

Meat is very expensive in Switzerland, especially beef. There are some great meat dishes to try here, just don’t have meat with every meal. Luckily, the best meal in Switzerland is fondu, and you can opt for delicious (and still very filling and satisfying) non-meat fondu servings.


Limit Your Drinking

Practice for Solo Travel

Alcohol is expensive in Switzerland. But Swiss beer is also one of the most iconic and delicious things to try here. So, sample some local brews when you’re here, but don’t have a beer every day with every meal. When you do want to drink, spend the extra time to find restaurants with drink specials.


Don’t eat near famous sites or landmarks

Eating at cafes or restaurants near popular sites – such as The Kramgasse (pictured) in Bern or the Red Cross Museum in Geneva – will cost you double or triple what you’d pay for the same food and service a few streets away.

Bern, Switzerland
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BlaBlaCar is a long-distance carpooling service. Here’s how it works: people who want to travel long distances are connected with drivers going to the same place. Drivers pick the travelers up, and they drive together and split the cost.

This online service is usually cheaper than flights or public transportation. Be advised, though, that BlaBlaCar doesn’t run as promptly as other transportation options. So only choose BlaBlaCar if you have a flexible travel schedule.

Here’s more information on the company and how they keep travelers safe.

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